Nanowave Mask FAQ

How do I wash the mask?

Sanitize internal & external surface area of the mask daily with aerosolized alcohol-based sanitizer (min 70 %). Sanitize the valve filter in the same fashion by removing the valve cover and applying sanitizer to the surface area. Hand Wash the mask fortnightly in 30 degree water with soap used for general hygiene. NB Wash with care as the mask has many dynamic components

Is the mask durable?

The Nano Wave mask needs to be handled with care. It’s lightweight, single mold construction is durable within reason, but particular care needs to be taken especially around the flexible ear loops and nose clip. The mask is fabricated from a flexible, contour fitting Nano Foam which has been designed to be as comfortable as possible while balancing being an enduring product for daily use. The nose clip should be molded ONCE on first application and thereafter only adjusted to fit. Do not straighten and bend repeatedly as this will cause any pliable metal to break. When removing the mask: ensure careful removal starting with one ear loop and then moving to the other removing the mask in a systematic manner to avoid damage as well as excessive hand contact with the mask and face.

How long can I use the mask?

The Nano Wave is reusable for 30 consecutive days IF sanitized daily and washed weekly. Usage beyond the 30 day period is not advised as the filter components are rated to 30 days.

Where can I use the mask?

Nano Wave is a civilian mask combining class leading filtration technology with advanced textile technology. Our recommendation is day to day use in all seasons. Nano Wave can be used while engaging in any form of exercise / physical activity affording the user an additional layer of protection. The Nano Wave can be used in various professional environments as per the end user’s discretion.

Does the mask protect the wearer and people around them?

Yes, the Nano Wave has been designed to add an additional layer of protection to the end user from both airborne and fomite type organisms. The dynamic 5 layer filtered Uni-directional valve filters the minute amount of air released by the valve. The Nano Wave puts a total of 7 layers of specialized filtration layers between the user and the air around them as well as people on the other side of the mask.

Where do I store my mask?

The Nano Wave can be stored in any clean brown paper bag / Ziploc bag. When handling the Nano Wave please ensure that your hands have been sanitized. Storage is ultimately the end users responsibility as dedicated mask hygiene is required to ensure lowest likelihood of contracting/spreading infections of various degrees of virulence.

Are there different sizes?

Nano Wave is available in Junior and Adult sizes. Adult sizes have Male and a unique female size which fits perfectly in between.

Can I design or co brand my own masks ?

Yes, we do offer custom branded masks at specific MOQs

What does the valve do?

The Uni-directional valve has been integrated into the Nano Wave mask housing to provide partial C02 release (dissipating this non-harmful exhalation to the right and left of the valve membrane surface area) on exhalation so that the wearer’s temperature does not increase and so that the mask does not restrict normal breathing, during the activities of daily life. This proprietary Uni-directional valve dissipates small amounts of the wearers normal breathing, C02 exhalation across the surface area of the valve membrane, which is again filtered. Should pressure of any kind beyond normal breathing occur such as a cough the valve closes completely. What this presents is the benefits of a valve system for easier breathing, but ensuring complete safety with the 5 layer filter engineered within the valve. This is a major leap forward in civilian mask innovation and directly addresses the current concern with unfiltered valves, providing a first to market solve by Nano Wave. This unique exhalation valve system is made up of 4 key components: a silicone rubber membrane, a seat cover base, a 5 layer valve filter and a protective valve cover providing additional protective filtration to the Uni-directional valve. The seat of the valve is designed as a contoured peripheral base, and the valve membrane is attached to the seat. The valve membrane sits against the base to block the valve hole during inhalation and lifts from the base due to the positive pressure established during exhalation.

Is the mask certified?

GB/T 32610-2016 Compliance
This standard is a mandatory standard that is proposed by the State Administration of Safety and Production Supervision. This standard is under the authority of the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Individual Protective Equipment (SAC/TC 112).
The compliance is made up of the following sub-compliance items:

  • Respiratory protection self-absorbing filter gas mask
  • Textiles Determination of formaldehyde

Part 1: Free and hydrolyzed formaldehyde (water extraction method)

  • Textiles Water Extract Measurement of pH - Technical conditions of the wet heat test chamber
  • Technical conditions of the cryogenic test chamber
  • High-temperature test chamber technical conditions
  • Textiles Seam tensile properties of fabrics and their products

Part 2: Measurement of seam strength by grip method

Test Methods for Medical Infusions, Blood Transfusions, Syringes

Part 1: Chemical Analysis Methods

  • Hygiene standards for single-use sanitary products
  • Textiles Determination of prohibited azo dyes
  • Determination of 4-amino azobenzene in textiles
  • Textiles Colour fastness test Frictional colour fastness Small area method

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